Restaurant Le France à Fayence

Mentions légales | Création ADEO-WEB 2016

Jean Guzzone, restaurant Le France à Fayence

Restaurant Le France




Jean Guzzone, restaurant Le France à Fayence

Originally from Provence, my wife and I have worked in this beautiful region for ten years. Since the start, we have striven to reflect the region’s rich character in our highly colourful, aromatic and flavoursome cuisine. The restaurant and catering industry was an obvious choice for us. Beginning in the sector very young, with me as a chef, my wife as a maître d'hôtel, we worked our way around France, learning from Michelin star chefs and then travelled abroad to perfect our professional skills and discover other cuisines.


Back in France, our journey and our love of Provence & fine dining brought us to Fayence, a pretty village in the mountains of Var, imbued with the culture of the South. A place after our own hearts.

Over the years, Le France restaurant has become a place to meet up with friends. People come here to enjoy the atmosphere and the highly coloured dishes. Refined dishes, food created and prepared by delicate and passionate hands.


Here you will find magical dishes to titillate your taste buds. Discoveries abound. The menus play their seasonal scores and reflect the art of fine dining.


Our goal: to make you happy. Come for a romantic dinner for two or with friends, for a birthday or a business meal, for pleasure or just a whim. Ask Jean and Sylvie, the happy owners of this uncommon restaurant: They will be able to demonstrate that the cuisine they create only finds meaning in the warmth it produces in you.


To try it, is to love it.

You have been forewarned!